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June 6, 2006.


I expect you to be doing the scene at the World Out Games this summer.

Could you please let me know where you will be and what you will be doing. 


Bern, Switzerland.


For very personal and painful reasons, I will NOT be in Montreal during the World Out Games.  I am leaving the city the day before the opening ceremonies and will be coming back a few days after the closing ceremonies.  I will NOT be attending the Gay Games in Chicago either.


February 18, 2006.


I have just returned from spending three of the most SPECTACULAR weeks of my life in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. I had the most amazing time.  The people, food, fashions, shopping and night life were so incredible that I strongly recommend that if you have not visited Argentina, that you make every effort to put the country on your list of places to visit in the future.

I have traveled so much in my life and I have to say that Argentina ranks as the number one destination that I have ever traveled too.  It is an incredible country and Buenos Aries is as beautiful as any European destination. It is also incredibly inexpensive.  I managed to find a great furnished apartment in San Telmo, the oldest section of Buenos Aires for as little as $525 USD for my entire stay.  A meal at a four star restaurant is delcious and with a bottle of GREAT Argeninian wine, a glass of champagne, desert, coffee and a digestif  it will set you back no more than $35 to $50 USD per person.   The fashion is amazing and the clothes and shoes are dirt cheap.   The night life is so much fun and Argentinians are a class act people who really know how to enjoy themselves and they are incredibly beautiful, friendly and warm.

I also traveled down to El Calafate, Patagonia, approximately 3 hours south of Buenos Aires to see the amazing glaciers.  What an incredible experience this was for me. When visiting Buenos Aires, you must take the 3 to 4 day trip to this area.  Air fare and hotel cost me approximately $375 USD.  The people and food in this area are out of this world.  I had the best beef, lamb and pasta in my life in both Buenos Aires and El Calafate.  These two cities are without any doubt fabulous destinations in Argentina.

I just can't wait to go back again.  I fell in love with this country.   Again, if you have the chance, go to Argentina.

I will be publishing pictures of my trip in the gallery section of my site within the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Please take a look for yourselves and see how beautiful this country really is.


Decemeber, 17, 2005.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a great holiday season and a Happy New Year. 


September 2nd, 2005.


My newest series of photos were published today in the gallery section under "james@42". 

The pictures in the gallery section show my evolution from age 27 with the work I did with Robert Laliberte up until today at forty-two years of age. 

I'm ageing men.....LOL!!  I hope you enjoy :-))  The photographer is Pascal Couturier my web designer and great friend.


James-Michael Lavigne


July 16, 2005.


I am officially announcing today, on my 42nd birthday, July 16, 2005, my retirement from competitive bodybuilding.  I will be issuing a statement in the upcoming weeks thanking all of the wonderful  and great people in my life who helped me win my five gold and one silver medal since 1990.

It's been a tremendous journey.  I have so many people to thank and some personal comments about my participation in gay and lesbian sporting events.  I hope you will take the time to read my thoughts when they are published very soon.





It is obvious that a lot of time and energy was put into creating your web site.  I have to say that is beautiful and I would like to congratulate you and your web designer on your efforts.  My question is simple.  When you sit back and look at your site, what are you most proud of?

Jordan Robinson

Tuscon, AZ.


What makes me the most proud is when I wake up in the morning and check my web stats and see that I have viewers coming from countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Egypt and even Iran to mention a few.  When it comes to homosexuality, these repressed countries have absolutely no tolerance.  It makes me feel proud knowing that I am reaching Gay men in these countries.   It is important to let them know that even if they are living in a society that considers them lesser because of their sexual orientation, that they too can be the very best in the world.




What are your thoughts on Montreal's loss of the Gay Games in 2006?

Aaron Baldwin

San Francisco, CA.


I am extremely disappointed.  However, I am not prepared at this time to make any comments or statement on my site.  I will be doing this in the very near future.




My lover and I have seen you on so many websites promoting Montreal's 2006 Gay Games. As a matter of fact, your efforts to promote the Gay Games and your testimonials on how great an experience the Gay Games actually are is what motivated us to want to compete and participate in a Gay Games for the very first time.

We found out recently that the Federation of Gay Games stripped Montreal of the event and that they are now going to be held in either Chicago or Los Angeles. We are also told that Montreal is going to hold its own competition anyways regardless of not have the Gay Games banner associated with it. And finally, we were informed that these two competitions will happen in the same year.

Our question to you is simple. We are swimmers who both live in the UK and we want to compete for the first time in a Gay and Lesbian sporting event. We obviously would love the opportunity to compete at both the Gay Games and Rendez-Vous 2006 in 2006 but unfortunately cannot afford to travel to both competitions. In your opinion, which competition should we support and travel too? The Gay Games or the competition being hosted by your hometown?

Steve Walker & Brian Mitchell
London, UK.

Steve, Brian,

I will answer this question in March after the Federation of Gay Games selects the new host city for Gay Games VII.


Aaron, Brian & Steve,

Along with the two emails that I have posted on my website regarding the 2006 Gay Games, I have received countless others from individuals around the world asking me for my thoughts and opinion on the situation between Rendez-Vous 2006 and the Federation of Gay Games.  I have been asked over and over again what my position is and which sporting event I will ultimately support.

There is no secret that since 1990, when I first competed in the Vancouver Gay Games, I have tried my best to promote physical fitness, health, nutrition and sports in the Gay & Lesbian community, as well as challenge and encourage athletes from around the world to take part in the Gay Games.  I have tried to communicate how much I have appreciated my experience in the Gay Games and I have worked so hard to share those experiences with the international Gay & Lesbian community at large.  Being a part of the Vancouver and Amsterdam Gay Games were ultimately the best sporting experiences of my life.

When Montreal Rendez-Vous 2006 and the Federation of Gay Games reached an impasse this year and decided to go their own separate ways, it certainly was a devastating blow for many people, including myself.  To this very day, I still find it hard to believe that it happened.

I think of the late Tom Waddell, the founder of the Gay Games, who had a dream to create an international event that would bring Gays & Lesbians together every four years from all walks of life to compete, and most importantly participate together, as a world community in an international sporting and cultural event like no other imaginable.  When I think of this man and everything he had dreamed and lived for, I find it so unfortunate that his vision suffered such a setback in 2004.  This impasse has dealt a blow to the spirit that he envisioned the Gay Games to possess, and that is one of the things that saddens me most about the whole situation.

More than anything, like thousands of Gays & Lesbians around the world, I would have loved to see everything work out between the Federation of Gay Games and the Montreal Rendez-Vous 2006 organizing committee.  If for nothing else, it would have been to keep the spirit of Tom Wadell's dream alive.  The good thing is that the Gay Games will still happen and I wish the new host city of Chicago and all of the members of the Chicago 2006 team the very best with the Games.

Having said this, I also truly believe that the world does NOT have enough international Gay & Lesbian sporting events that bring athletes from around the world together.  The heterosexual community has the Olympics, World Championships, the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games, the Macabeah Games and the Pan American Games, to name a few.  In the Gay & Lesbian community, we basically have only the Gay Games and the Euro Games.  I ultimately believe that what the organizing committee of Montreal Rendez-Vous 2006 and all of its supporters world-wide are doing in this city by creating and hosting another Gay & Lesbian world sporting event is a GREAT thing.  I feel that what these individuals are planning in 2006 will ultimately turn out to be the BEST Gay & Lesbian sporting & cultural event ever held in modern times.

I have met many of the individuals on the Montreal committee, and even though I have had some "issues" with a few of them, I know that they are very dedicated people who will work as hard as they can to give us a sporting experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

All I have to say is that I wish both the Federation of Gay Games and Montreal Rendez-Vous 2006 the very best of success with their events.  If you can't afford to go to both events in 2006, look at their websites and decide for yourselves.  The most important thing is to participate in a GLBT sporting event.  Do this for yourselves and for the Gay & Lesbian community at large.



Out of the 6 medals that you have won, which means the most to you?

Chuck Livingston

Detroit, MI


Wow....tough question! They all mean so much to me because of all the hard work and sacrfices to get them.  I guess I would have to say the very first medal I won, a silver, at the Vancouver Gay Games in 1990, is probably the most special. It was my first bodybuilding competition and my first participation at a Gay Games. I had no expectations.  I was up against very tough American competition and when my named was called among the top three finalists in the middleweight category, well let's just say it was the greatest high I had ever experienced in my sports career.  My silver medal win in Vancouver gave me confidence and motivated me to continue competing in the sport.







Ask JML:

April 3, 2004.

My Friends,

I have to say that I come from a bilingual background and have had a bilingual education in English and French.  While I put alot of passion and enthusiasm in what I write, I just like to have someone check it over for me for clarity and correctness.  I would like to thank my good friend Ryan Vincent in Jackson, Mississippi, for reading and editing my writing.  If you would like to contact him about his services, you may reach him  at




Mr. Lavigne,

In the profile section of your site, you claim to promote physical fitness, health, nutrition and sports in the Gay and Lesbian community.  Meanwhile, there are several pictures of you smoking a cigar throughout your site, which is undoubtedly a very unhealthy thing to do.  What clearly is your message?

Ben Jackson

Chicago, IL


With HIV, AIDS, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, depression, low self esteem and the high rate of suicide among younger gays existing in our community today, it is very important to help build self esteem.   Living a healthier lifestyle by participating in sports activities and having a well balanced diet certainly makes you feel more positive and definitely helps you build better self esteem.  I am very sincere when I tell you that promoting physical fitness, health, nutriton and sports in the community is a very important goal for me.

What I have mentioned above comes from direct experience.  In the early 90s, I was heavily hooked on cocaine for almost four years.  I had no choice but to put myself into a detox center.  If I would not have had bodybuilding as part of my life during my recovery, I am certain that I would not be here today.

Having said this, I have to say that I am a bodybuilder, certainly imperfect and I too still have my little vices.  What can I say?  I enjoy a good cigar. I never have more than three or four per month. 

I used the photos with cigars on my site because I have always found the cigar in art to be masculine and sexy.  It basically comes from the awe I had when I saw men like Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood enjoying cigars in their films when I was in my teens.  It was a total turn on for me. Also, the cigar is usually enjoyed at a time of celebration.  It has always been great to watch the final games of the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl and World Series for example.  Once winning athletes had their bath in champagne, it was always so cool for me to see them lighting up a big Churchill cigar afterwards.  Having won five gold medals myself, I decided to use the cigar in my photos as part of the celebration.

I am sure that the men and women viewing my site are mature enough to make their own choices when it comes to smoking.  We all know that it is bad for you.  So don't smoke!



Mr. Lavigne,

Have you ever competed in straight competitions?

Shawn Bradley

London, England.


I have never competed in a straight bodybuilding competition.  I won my 5 gold and 1 silver medal at the Gay Games (Amsterdam, Vancouver), The North American Gay and Lesbian Bodybuilding Championships (Dallas) and the International Gay and Lesbian Bodybuilding Championships (San Francisco).  However, I started my sports career in Track & Field from the age of 17 to 23.  I ran the 400 meters, 400 meters Hurdles and 4 x 400 meters relay.  The majority of the men I competed against were straight.



Mr. Lavigne,

What weight category do you compete in?

Jason Brown

Los Angeles, Ca.


I compete in the middle weight category (165 - 176 lbs).




Who is your all time favorite bodybuilder.  Which one inspired you the most?

Kevin McClean

Sydney, Australia.


In my teens, I remember seeing the powerful German bodybuilder Jusup Wilkosz on television and thinking that I wanted to look like him someday.  He looked absolutely amazing on stage and I loved his competition routine.  Unlike most bodybuilders, Jusup Wilkosz sometimes competed with a beard.  I found him to be extremely masculine and physically a perfect man.




Will you be competing at Montreal's Gay Games in 2006?

Robert Maxwell

Vancouver, BC.


It is my intention to compete.  However, it seems that I might be loosing my biggest corporate sponsor in the very near future.  If this happens, I doubt very much that I will be on stage in 2006.  I will keep you posted.




What is your view on legalizing same sex marriage in Canada?

Gregg Armstrong



Even though the vote was very close in the Canadian House of Commons, I am so proud that Canada is a very progressive country.  Opinions are changing and the rights for gays and lesbians are finally being respected.

"Marriage" is definitely a "big" word and there are many definitions.  In my eyes, marriage means "for eternity".  In my heart, it is more symbolic than anything else.  Should I decide to marry someday, it will be with the motivation that throughout eternity I will always be with my man......and that even after death we will always be together during the different phases of  life.  This is a very comforting and beautiful thought.  However, in more practical terms, it is awesome to know that the same rights that are afforded to heterosexual couples are about to be passed on to homosexual couples.  In terms of security, this is a very good thing.

I truly hope that the example that Canadians are showing to the rest of the world will help trigger a snow ball effect and that other countries will pass similar legislation for their gay and lesbian citizens in the future.



I read an article about you that suggested that there was a point in your life where you were seriously overweight and that you actually weighed more than 250 lbs.  I am an overweight man myself and I was wondering if you ever took any diet supplements or pills?

Franco De Marco

Chicago, IL.


As a matter of fact, yes, I was overweight a few times in my life.  The worse was in the 90s, (in my early 30s) where I ballooned to more than 250 lbs actually.  It was indeed a tough time for me.  I was depressed and lost interest.  I did use an Indonesian weight loss herb called Orthosiphon. It is the only weight loss supplement pill that I have used that has given me results and it is part of the "Take It Off" forumula.  It worked for me.  I actually endorse this product and I still use it to this very day.