Lavigne d'Or: Canada's First Gay Games Gold medal Bodybuilding Champion Lavigne d'Or: Canada's First Gay Games Gold medal Bodybuilding Champion
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My career is focused in three areas:  Corporal Transfigurations , USANA supplement sales, Website Development & Design and International Mail, Courier & Publication Distribution Consulting. This is how I earn my livelihood and how I help support the high costs of my competitions.  Should you require my services in any of these three areas, please contact me at your convenience at  It will be more than a pleasure to help you out in any way that I can.

Personal Fitness Training Services:

Having won 5 gold and 1 silver medal at four different international bodybuilding competitions, I use my direct experience in the sport for what I call "Corporal Transfigurations" for television.  If an actor has to transform his "look" for a specific character and/or role in a short period of time, it  is my job to make sure that they are physically ready for their appearance.   I have had the honor and privilege of working with some of Quebec's celebrities. It is such a great experience for me to sit down.....light up a good cigar....have a drink with me.....waiting for them to come on the tube.......and then feeling so great knowing that a part of me is a part of them. God it is great to give. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to surround your souls in a statue that is "beautiful" and "Strong".

In addition to working with television personalities, I offer my services to individuals who are serious about taking better care of themselves and improving their physiques.

My personal Corporal Transfiguration rates and services are listed above.

Website Development & Design Services (Chocolat Media):

I have worked with Pascal Couturier, my web designer and really good friend, to create a web design company, Chocolat Media.  We focus on original web design for companies as well as low cost sites for individuals who want a presence on the internet, but do not have a great deal to spend on web design services.  You may view examples of our work and find out more about the services we offer at and website.

International Mail, Courier & Publication Distribution Services Consulting:

After I finished studying in Montreal at Concordia University's School of Community & Public Affairs in 1986, I immediately joined the family business.  My father owned a local, provincial, national, US and international courier service similar to Fedex, DHL or UPS.  I spent four years working in the family business and then moved on to become Sales Manager for a subsidiary of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) and the Royal Dutch Post Office called Interpost.  Interpost later became known as TNT Mailfast in the mid 1990s.  I spent ten years in this role as the head of international mail and publication distribution services for the Province of Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Today, I still work as a part-time consultant in this field.  If your company uses large volume international mail and publication distribution, I am an expert in finding ways to reduce your postage costs.  I can offer you hand delivery and courier services to the financial sectors of major cities in Canada at lower prices, as well as work with you to find affordable solutions for delivering urgent mail, publications, news letters, brochures, catalogs, annual reports, financial statements and coporate manuals via international distribution or for delivery in Canada.

Thank You, and I look forward to assting you in any way that I can.








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